Members of the media wishing to attend Alliance of American Football games may request through the 2019 Alliance Media Request Form. Click below to access each team’s Media Request Form.






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San Antonio

San Diego

By requesting this credential card which grants privileged and revocable access to Games and Events of the Alliance of American Football (“The Alliance” or “AAF”) during the 2019 Alliance of American Football season.  All capitalized terms used in this memorandum but not defined will have the meanings set forth in the attached Credential Use Conditions. The Credential Use Conditions, including related polices referenced therein (e.g., the 2019 AAF Video Highlights License), are attached to this memorandum and available

In exchange for access to our facilities and/or stadiums in ways not available to the general public, you have agreed to the Credential Use Conditions governing your access and the use of the content you gather using that access. Credential cards must be displayed at all times in order to enter and remain in our facilities and/or stadiums.

By accepting a credential card and accessing a Game or Event, the Accredited Organization and the Bearer each agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions set forth in the Credential Use Conditions.  If you do not agree to the Credential Use Conditions you may not access our facilities and/or stadiums for any of the purposes authorized by the Credential Use Conditions. The credential may not be used by, or lent or transferred or delegated to, any individual or entity other than the Accredited Organization and Bearer to which it was directly issued.

Please note that the Credential Use Conditions include waivers related to playing field access privileges.  In addition, the package includes the 2019 Liability Waiver for injuries to persons or property, which must be signed by anyone desiring to have access to the playing field.  As set forth in the Credential Use Conditions, the creation of video of Game content from the sideline requires, and is subject to, a signed Sideline Video Access Agreement, but Simulated Video is not permitted under any circumstances.

2019 Alliance Video Highlights Licens

2019 Alliance Sideline Video Access Agreement

2019 Alliance Credential Notice of Terms of Conditions