Stallions volunteer at Ronald McDonald House

Stallions volunteer at Ronald McDonald House

By Chantel Buchi / The Alliance

Fourteen of the Salt Lake Stallions volunteered to help clean the Ronald McDonald House in San Antonio on their day off during training camp. They went in with great attitudes to give back to the families staying at the house.

When the Ronald McDonald House volunteer coordinator asked the team if they knew what the house is for, defensive lineman Eddy Wilson had the answer:

“The Ronald McDonald House houses families of children who have to stay long periods of time in hospitals. Like for example, I have a nephew who was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. In Detroit, there’s a children’s hospital. Right next to it, there’s a Ronald McDonald House, and that’s where he stays.”

They paired off to clean the kitchen, playrooms, hallways and bathrooms. They swept, mopped, organized, sprayed toys and washed windows.

“Anything helps which is what I am here for,” Wilson said.

“The Ronald McDonald House was a great opportunity for the Salt Lake Stallions to come out and get involved in the community,”  defensive lineman Luke Carrezola said. “I think it gave the team excitement for more opportunities to come in the future.”

The Stallions who volunteered were Carrezola, Austin Rehkow, Darius Hamilton, Tanner Carew, Aaron Duckworth, Terrell Newby II, Karter Schult, Cheatham Norrils, Jeremiah Johnson, Lord Joshua Hyeamang, Keith Rucker, Wilson and Johnny Ragin III.